Lucy Ead

BA (HONS), PGCE Lucy has always had her heart set in working with the body as often we don’t pay enough attention to how we feel mentally and physically. Previously her Studies in fine art and then teaching art allowed for her to tune into the way our bodies react in different circumstances and how through massage and holistic therapies the body can rebalance. Travelling through Far East Asia, Tibet, Indian and Nepal she started to experience the world of massage and how beneficial it is on so many levels mind, body and soul.

Lucy is also training in Sport Massage, Deep Tissue and Trigger Point Massage and Pregnancy Massage as she wants to be continue to learn and adapt her practice so each and everyone of us has an amazing individual experience.

Call 0208 503 7794, email or visit us 111a Hoe Street, Walthamstow, London E17 4RX

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