Mee Lee Morris



Millie’s enthusiasm for Pilates started at her local gym. She then discovered Body Control Pilates, Europe’s leading professional Pilates organisation. After Millie attended classes run by a local Body Control Pilates teacher she decided to enrol into the teacher trainer course held at the Body Control Pilates centre in central London.

Millie successfully completed the Body Control Pilates Matwork level 3 qualification, accredited by the UK Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs). Millie is committed to keeping up to date with Pilates and continues to attend events, workshops and development courses.

Pilates matwork exercises are designed to use your own body weight as resistance and Millie likes to bring another dimension to these exercises with the use of props and small equipment. Her classes are flowing and dynamic with particular attention to alignment and precision.

A small class size allows Millie to provide close supervision and support for every client and over the course of a few weeks each should feel that they have made improvements and developed awareness of their body.

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