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Welcome to The Health Works blog!

This coincides with the recent launch of our new wonderful website. This will be a sporadic blog with occasional tips and advice about health and how to take care of yourself and your family from a natural point of view.

We will be featuring:-
– Descriptions of therapies and how they help with specific illnesses
– A day in the life of a therapist
– Yoga/Pilates poses for health
– Healthy recipes
– Interesting information on vitamins
– DIY Aromatherapy perk up
– Interesting health articles
– Special offers and freebies
– New classes and events in general
– Top tips for health


Today I may as well start with CHOCOLATE since so many of us have a relationship with it!


I am sure many of you are aware of some of the health benefits of chocolate. However, it’s not just any old chocolate. It has to be the business. Dark, dark high cacao percentage chocolate, quite bitter in fact, and not really melt in the mouth sort. However, if we do have to treat it like a medicine to get a guilt free fix, here are some of its properties.


– Dark chocolate has an anti–aging effect and contains beneficial antioxidants.
– It helps to balance hormones and stimulates endorphin production which is really relaxing.
– It can help to create serotonin which is a good anti-depressant.
– There are also benefits for the health of your heart and cardiovascular system.
– Dark chocolate can lower cholesterol by up to 10%.
– It can improve blood pressure but remember you should always consult your doctor and continue to take your prescribed medication.


Take time to TASTE the chocolate!


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